Monday, 13 June 2011

Monday music .......... my desert island disc collection part 6

On my iPod for this trip to a desert island I would make sure that I have a recording of Hallelujah, and perhaps you can help me to decide which version to take.

From Google images

There is the original Leonard Cohen version, written and rewritten by Cohen over the years, it has come to be regarded by some as one of the greatest songs of all time. It has been recorded and performed by more than 100 artists in a dozen different languages, including versions by Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Bono, KD Lang, Il Divo, Rufus Wainwright and, most famously, Jeff Buckley. It has featured on the soundtracks of dozens of films, from Shrek to the dark satire Lord of War. I think Simon Cowell did his very best to ruin it when he chose it for the X-Factor winner to sing!

So, here goes

Leonard Cohen........

Rufus Wainwright........

Il Divo.........

or this Jeff Buckley version.......

I would usually choose the original artist version, but the version on my iPod would be by Jeff Buckley. It would remind me of the hundreds of times Tom has played this on his guitar. He once sang it at Tim's sister’s birthday party, and it was very special.

Fire Byrd........ the Jeff Buckley version is for you too .......I wish you peace, contentment and good fortune as you continue your journey.........

Which, if any, do you prefer?  


  1. Hi Gaynor... I rather like the Rufus Wainwright version. I wasn't familiar with his or Jeff Buckley's version so thanks for sharing.

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  3. Sorry fingers not working well this morning!!
    Now if only my adsl was fast enough I could tell you what I think, but sadly I can't even play them :-( Diane

  4. After the earthquake in Haiti, two Belgian artists recorded a special version as a fund raiser. Nathalia and Gabriel Rios' version is here:

    I think you'll like it! Sorry for adding to your dilemma :) Martine

  5. Diane,

    Your connection is much slower than ours in LeP-P. We get slower times, but on the whole it is OK. Internet services aren't cheap in France either.

    I'm sorry you aren't able to listen :o(

  6. Craig,

    There is something about the Rufus Wainwright version - probably because it is piano rather than guitar.

  7. Martine,

    I listened to Nathalia and Gabriel, and you are right I do like it!

    It is simple and not overly produced which I think is a mistake with this song. This is why I like Jeff Buckley. I love the guitar bits.

  8. Not heard the Rufus Wainwright version before--I like it. But for me it has to be the Jeff Buckley version every time. It's the one I have on my ipod.

  9. Antoinette,

    What is it they say about great minds......?:o)


    Check out this link :o)

    What do you think?

    We'll have to have a music session!

  10. Always the Jeff Buckley, so perfect choice. Thank you so much for your lovely words.