Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Car parade ...........

Last year we were having our usual walk around Le Petit-Pressigny when we realised that something was about to happen. The village centre, which is normally fairly quiet, was buzzing with people. So we did what we always do on such occasions and buzzed with them!

We didn't have long to wait................

A few cars arrived. We wondered what all the fuss was about and decided to buzz off and continue with our walk. As we were preparing to leave horns started to blast and a stream of cars turned into the car park behind the Salle des Fêtes , and indeed parked anywhere and everywhere they could find! I didn't count, but there were probably well over a hundred participants in the parade.

I'm not much good at car spotting, so can anyone help me to identify them? Here are just a few.........

Our neighbours Pascal, Martine and Simone who run the village boulangerie did a roaring trade, as just about all of the participants dashed across to the boulangerie to buy their baguettes.
Cheese, bread and wine were served at the Salle des Fêtes, although I did hear tell that this year they kept an eye on the bottles of wine, because last year when the cars drove away so did what was left of the wine !!!!!!!!!! 

I am exaggerating here :o)


  1. Hello Gaynor:
    What great fun! Alas, we cannot really identify the cars as we are not very car minded, but we do know that we should have so enjoyed seeing them. On occasion our visits to our Brighton apartment coincide with the London to Brighton car rally which is always full of much interest and the most amazing veteran and vintage vehicles.

  2. There are certainly Renaults, Citroens and Peugeots there but I cannot identify all of them by any means. Diane

  3. A few bottles doesn't knock out a 2CV like that... some friends came over a few years back went on a wine drive around and brought back here 16 boxes of wine... their green&white Dolly was still driveable.[JUST VERY LIGHT ON THE STEERING!!] They took it all to the 2CV event we were going to... and went home a couple of boxes lighter... allowed them to get the tent, etc. back on board!!

  4. Oh I love these parades of old cars. There is a retro-mechanique club in Le Grand-Pressigny and if I ever get my dream car - an old Renault 4 - I might just join the club !!

    We missed the parade this year - too busy hurtling about the countryside chasing my carte grise - but they really are a sight to behold. It's nice to think the French are just as batty about old vehicles as we Brits !!

  5. Your post reminded me of many a Sunday at our house in France Gaynor where car clubs would go down the small lane our house bordered as part of their tour. Sometimes there would be 100 or so and the procession would go on for about 20 minutes! Loved the post - thanks.

  6. Lucky you! It's cool to spot a classic car on the streets today. To see a bunch of them in their own little parade is even more fantastic.

  7. Ooh, a parade of old cars? That's quite nice! Was there a car show around the area? Those can be a lot of fun when there's a gathering of classic cars...