Sunday, 31 July 2011

Visiting friends... or should it be friends visiting.....?

One of the nice things about living (albeit for only part of the year) in Le Petit-Pressigny is that it is close to some of the main routes south. Our friends Sue and Dave called in yesterday, to overnight with us on their way south to Limeuil in the Dordogne. They arrived mid afternoon, having spent a couple of nights at Versailles, very kindly bearing gifts of Champagne, chocolates (my favourite Green and Black's) and a beautiful hibiscus.

We had a very British cup of afternoon tea, and fortified by some cranberry and white chocolate cookies, set of to the nearby village of Le Grand Pressigny. Antoinette wrote about the church a couple of days ago, and Jean regularly updates us on life there. In fact I think we might even have met Madame Andre ….

 Where did they get those hats.......?

We’ve only visited LG-P a couple of times, but yesterday the weather was perfect for a stroll up to the chateau to see the much talked about extension. I liked it and so did Sue; it was fitting and different. The views, both of the chateau and the village below were magnificent. We didn’t have time to go into the museum but that is something which has moved nearer to the top of our list of ‘must do’s’.

Whether it was the hard winter, or the hot and dry spring and early summer, I'm not sure, but there were an awful lot of empty 'planting holes.

We wandered to the river area where the Claise and the Aigronne meet. Sue and Dave are both camera enthusiasts so I took their lead and wherever they framed a shot I did the same with my little point and click.

We came home and enjoyed the champagne (well Sue and I did, Tim and Dave were on speciality British beers!) and a nice relaxing meal together with a lot of laughs and good shared memories. They set off after breakfast heading for their gite.

The weather this morning is beautiful – the best of our holiday so far – so I think I will sit in the shade and read, do a bit of gardening, take a walk and generally relax, because tomorrow (or by the time you get to read this, it will be today) we're off to the Brocante at La Celle Guenand.

Watch this space ........

P.S. If you are travelling our way, we'd love to see you!


  1. Hi Gaynor, I'm glad you had a good day in LGP. The museum is definitley worth a visit - there are probably a few too many prehistoric tools to keep me enthralled for hours but the presentation is fabulous so I would recommend it.

    I think the gardens are simply dying due to the long dry spells. Apart from the last week or so there has been very little rain since February so unless people have been watering, the gardens have suffered badly.

    Have fun at the Brocante !!

  2. Gaynor, I'll keep that in mind! Shall I bring some Belgian chocolates or rather some of our famous beers? Martine

  3. Hi Jean,
    Thanks, we did have fun at the Brocante, but it was enormous and we got home very hot and dusty! You'll have to wait to see what I bought - but don't hold your breath!!

  4. Martine,
    Please do keep it in mind and we'd love to see you! Just bring yourself and any travelling companions. We can feed you speciality British beer ..... warm!

  5. I love the shot of the river with the dual bridges Gaynor.

  6. Hi Craig,
    It's the shot that everyone who passes by would take ....