Monday, 4 July 2011

Monday music .......... my desert island disc collection part 9 ...........

Today is a fairly straightforward choice. Do I go for Eric Clapton playing Layla, or Eric Clapton playing Layla?

What do you think?

My first memory of Layla was hearing Clapton (Derek and the Dominoes) playing in the 70's, on the Radio 1 Johnnie Walker Show, and I fell in love with it. 


  1. Great choice! In the days when I would stand in the grocer's shop (there were very few supermarkets then), trying to choose between soap powder and chocolate digestives, because I couldn't afford both, I saved up and bought the Layla LP as soon as I could. It cost me several real dinners and I lived on beans on toast instead. It was worth it and I played the record endlessly.

  2. I love Eric Clapton just wish my connection was fast enough to listen :-( Diane

  3. I remember hearing it for the first time too Gaynor. I can still picture my bedroom!
    I loved the original so much I never thought I'd hear myself say it... but I prefer the acoustic version. Probably more to do with me getting old than anything else!
    But they are so different I think that they can both be considered classics - almost like two different songs.

  4. Jean, Diane and Craig,

    Glad to read that you are all fans of Clapton too!