Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Wild flower garden ......

Last summer we noticed that the area behind the village graveyard in Le Petit-Pressigny, near the recycling bins, was rather overgrown and strewn with rubble. What a difference this year!

Wild flowers have been sown/scattered and the display is wonderful. 

Apart from providing cover and food for wildlife, it requires far less maintenance than a traditional lawn area and the wide range of wildflowers provides colour and interest from spring through to the end of summer.

Besides the beauty of the display, the flowers also have a beneficial effect in attracting insects to the area, which will soon find its own ecological equilibrium. Its difficult to feel overstressed when watching honeybees working away, or butterflies floating from flower to flower. Perhaps a small bench would be a useful addition....? 

I remember Niall and Antoinette doing a post a few months ago about some wild flower seeds they had been given as a present. The next time they visit we’ll walk them across to view the display.

The photographs don’t really do it justice. It’s just hard to imagine just how big a pack of seeds was used …….


  1. Hello Gaynor:
    This is absolutely lovely. What a really splendid idea.

  2. They look fabulous Gaynor and you did a grand job of photographing such a wide area.

  3. Looking forward to it :-)
    We're going to expand our little patch for next year.

  4. I once saw a similar stretch of wild flowers at the foot of the church at Crissay-sur-Manse. It was absolutely spectacular ... just like your photos! Thanking for posting them and reminding me of that sunny day we spent in Crissay so many years ago! Martine

  5. The best part is that the wildflower patch was so unexpected!