Thursday, 14 July 2011

The generosity of friends ......

On our way home from the déchetterie in Le Grand-Pressigny, we called on Tim and Pauline at Le Moulin de la Forge to drop off some keys.

Pauline gave us a pot of her shallot confiture with strict instructions not to open for at least 6 weeks. We also travelled back to the UK with pots of Antoinette's damson and Maureen's strawberry jam. We'd eaten them before I thought to take a photograph - both were delicious, and full of fruit.

I’m sorry Pauline, but I only managed 5 weeks! The confiture was superb with some strong cheddar cheese and crackers.

 I'll be trying out the recipe which Pauline posted on her blog De La Bonne Bouffe


  1. That sounds fantastic, I am off to look at Pauline's blog for the recipe :-) Diane

  2. Hello Gaynor:
    Such homemade foods are, of course, absolutely delicious and we are sure, as you say, that the confiture worked wonderfully well with a strong cheese. An ideal summer's lunch.

  3. I've just hidden the other pots before Pauline sees this! We've a four year vintage pot to open first... just discovered in a box in the barn. The secret of surprise jars - make much more than you can eat.... then put other jars in front in the cellar. Suddenly you find the long forgotten jar of whatever and realise that they are usually much better for keeping.
    In Yorkshire we had a very damp cellar... we have had lucky dip jars, where the slugs and snails had eaten the label [and lucky dip beers... a real blind tasting!]

  4. Is this shallot jam similar to 'confit d'ognions', which is great with 'foie gras'? It looks delicious, especially the way you've presented it with the crackers and tomato. Martine

  5. Diane,
    I'm going to print a copy off and put it into my preserve book. Alas, I can no longer rely on my memory!!

  6. Jane and Lance,
    When I retire I hope to do more in the way of growing and preserving.

  7. Tim,
    You'll have to let us know how the tasting goes!

  8. Martine,
    I'm not sure, but Pauline will know!