Monday, 18 July 2011

Monday music .......... my desert island disc collection part 11

Joni Mitchell was my 'rock' during the mid to late 70's. Together with Heather, my best friend at Uni, we must have worn deeper grooves in the vinyl records of Blue and Miles of Aisles. We had a brilliant time, and more than a few adventures together. It is one of those rare friendships that mean that even after 30 years of meeting up only occasionally, we still instinctively know what the other will think about something. 

I still have the vinyls and Tom will often go into our 'music room' (a very grand name for Rhiannon's old bedroom) which is now packed with guitars, recording paraphenalia and a hi-fi stack with turntable. Tom has taken to touring charity shops looking for old vinyl records, with a strict 50p spending limit - or so he says! Last night he managed to buy four Morrisey records through EBay. His most prized is an original vinyl pressing of 'Grace' by Jeff Buckley - not a charity shop aquisition though!

From so many excellent Joni Mitchell tracks I had chosen to take this one ...... 'Circle Game'. I can join in, sing along with the audience and make believe that I am not alone on the island.

Then Tom had his say! He couldn't believe that I wasn't including 'A Case of You'. To prove a point Tom has been playing it on his guitar all week, and I must say he's got it pretty well sorted. So, since I am already cheating, I'm going to take both.



  1. Hello Gaynor:
    What great fun all of this is. Indeed, your 'Music Room' sounds to be an absolute treasure trove. We do wonder if you have replicated it in your French house too?!!

    Whatever, you would not be without choice for your desert island!

  2. Just how long do you plan to be on this island? Are we invited and do we get to listen to the music to?

  3. Lance and Jane,
    No music room in France - well not yet :o)

  4. Jane,
    I think the idea is that if you get to the island, you stay, indefinitely!

    That's why I'm cheating and will continue to pick a piece of music each week.

    Do you have a favourite piece? Let me know what it is and I'll take that too - just in case you should ever get washed up on my island!!