Thursday, 18 August 2011

Are the cracks beginning to show?

Although I haven't managed to visit le Musée de la Préhistoire at Le Grand- Pressigny, a couple of days ago I decided to have another stroll around the outside of château.

Still, the château has stood for hundreds of years, so I think it will last quite a bit longer!

The wall seems to be providing a tasty apéro ..... 


  1. I'd say that it's allowed the odd crack given it's age! As you rightly say, it's been around for a while so I expect it to be so for a while yet. A very grand building.

  2. Let us hope that the odd crack will only stay odd. It would be sad if that lot came tumbling down :-( Diane

  3. Diane - especially as a lot of it would land on our house !!

    I don't think the crack has got worse in the last four years but I will look back at my old photos - just in case !!

  4. Craig and Diane,
    I would think that any substantial crack will have been investigated by structural engineers or the French equivalent!

    I certainly hope it doesn't come tumbling down, but it would be interesting to see whether there has been any movement over the past few years.