Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Lavender and prayers .....

Since we last visited Le Pre Vert at the beginning of June the lavender had grown such a lot. Unfortunately, we missed the beautiful show of the lavender flowers, but the smell is still terrific.

Last week I cut some of our lavender, and this little fellow found a peaceful place to pray .....

I wonder what his/her prayers were  about?


  1. I have never seen praying mantis here. I am not really sorry as the mantis and stick insects with spiders give me the creeps :-( Great photo though. Diane

  2. Hi Diane,
    Well... I think it's a praying mantiss!

  3. It is an adult mantis, Gaynor. And the prayers were/are probably about nice, fat, juicy insects... if you push a finger towards its face, it may well show you its defence mechanism.... two large, false eyes on the inside of the upper arm. It spreads the arms apart and with the eye-spots appears much larger than it is... either frightening the creature off, or making it pause long enough to try for an escape.

  4. Probably "Please don't chop me up with the lavender" ;-)

  5. I'm with Niall and Antoinette - it had it's eyes on you to make sure that you weren't going to contribute to it's rapid demise!