Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Traffic calming, Le Petit-Pressigny style ....

A few months ago a set of traffic and pedestrian lights appeared on Rue de Savoureulx, the main street through Le Petit-Pressigny.

We have noticed vehicles speeding through the village, and we wondered whether elderly (more elderly than us!) residents needed a bit more time to cross the road. However, we thought that this was a much better option than speed bumps or the chicanes that are often used.

The mode of operation seems to be that the lights are always on RED, so that cars, either coming down the hill from La Celle-Guenand, or rounding the sharp bend near La Promenade, have to slow down in order to stop. As cars slow down to approach the lights change to GREEN, unless someone is crossing the road via the pedestrian lights.

This seems to be a very gentle way of ensuring the speed of all traffic driving through the village is reduced.

Traffic calming Le Petit-Pressigny style ……….


  1. Hello Gaynor:
    This seems to us a totally practical and very sensible idea. But then we are in favour of anything which gives some thought to pedestrians.

  2. That does seem like a good idea Gaynor. Leave it to the French...

  3. That is a new one on me but what a good idea. If the lights are green then everyone races to cross them before they turn red. Diane

  4. Brilliant idea! If only the 32 traffic lights on my way to work would do the same thing, I would be less stressful to drive to the office in the morning :) Martine

  5. Great idea! Trust the civilised French