Friday, 5 August 2011

Phoebe comes to visit, and her owners come too .......

Today, some friends called in to see us on their way south with their caravan. We weren’t certain whether we could get the caravan to, and then from our house and drive, so they parked near to the wild flower patch in the village.

Corrie, where did you get that hat???

We have known Gordon and Corrie since 1984, and in fact Gordon was headteacher at my school. They are both excellent educators and I have learned such a lot from both of them over the years. Their daughter Lizzie, and Phoebe the dog were with them. We had an extra long lunch on the terrace and chewed over all sorts of things, edible and philosophical!

They left about 5pm heading for Bellac ….. Gordon doing all the work, as usual!


  1. Hello Gaynor:
    How splendid to meet up with old friends [colleagues too] and to share a leisurely lunch together. We imagine that you were not short of things to talk about!!

  2. It's always fun when good friends visit. Is Phoebe a weimaraner? The grey/brown colour is beautiful.

  3. Great when friend visit. Craig has asked the same question as I was going to ask, is Phoebe a weimaraner? Diane

  4. Diane and Craig,
    You arecorrect about the breed. She has lovely colouring and is a beautiful dog. Phoebe was also very well behaved!