Friday, 12 August 2011

New beginnings .......

This afternoon Tom will be flying out to Boulder, to begin his studies at the University of Colorado.

Is Boulder the right place for a seafood fiend?

Tom and his Lonely Planet guide

We’ve been busy over the past few days making that sure everything he could possibly need is packed. He’s got his ski gear, cappo and i-pod and he might even have the odd pen and text book!

 The red buildings are CU and the football stadium is bigger than Villa Park!
Just look at how close the Rockies are ...

You will notice that on the side bar of the blog I now have three weather and time reports
·        Staffordshire UK
·        Le Petit-Pressigny France
·        Boulder USA

Rhiannon and Tom

Won't life be dull without the 'kids' fooling around!

Last night Rhiannon and Ben came for a ‘last supper’, along with their dogs Maisie and Lucy. They gave him the Lonely Planet Guide to Colorado which is full of things to do (and probably some he shouldn’t!).

Tom and the dogs 'taking advantage' on his last night at home. They ALL know that Maisie and Lucy are NOT allowed on the settee ...

If all goes to plan ,Tim, who is currently in the US on a business trip, will meet him in Denver and they will spend a few days together in Boulder.

An empty nest ......

* thanks to Geni (click to see more of her work)  for giving me permission to use this image, and for her wise words*


  1. Best of luck to him... what a great adventure.
    I've been to Boulder many times and I think that it's one of my favourite places in the USA. Not only is it beautiful, but it has a nice young (because of UC) feeling about it. Lucky lad.

  2. Wishing Tom all the best in Boulder, never been there, but I am sure he will have fun and of course enjoy working! Diane

  3. Craig,
    Thanks for that. A lot of thought went in to choosing Boulder ....... access to good skiing, quality of life, lovely scenery and of course the Uni!!

  4. Diane,
    Thanks. Tom is really excited about it ...
    Mum is a bit more apprehensive, but keen that he should spread his wings.
    Sister in tears, its the first time in years that he has managed to make Rhiannon cry!!

  5. Good luck to Tom - you will miss him I'm sure, but what an opportunity for him.

  6. Best of luck to Tom and yes, I had noticed the new weather widget appeared a few days ago.

  7. Hi Jean,
    You're right WHAT an opportunity! If only I was 30 years younger ......

  8. Thanks Susan.

    Now I need to put my own pics into the weather widget, but it is a bit more complicated than I first thought!
    The drawback is that it takes longer to load.

  9. Gaynor - this is why I removed some things from my side bar recently. I thought people could lose the will to live, or at least to wait long enought to read the blog, before it finished loading.

  10. I am delighted Gaynor that you decided to call by News From Italy via Beautiful World and that you are now a follower. I am now following you back as a fellow Empty Nester :)

  11. Thanks LindyLouMac,
    I'll look forward to finding out more about your life in Italy.
    I still work so can only spend holidays in France at the moment.
    Best wishes