Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Outside in ......

On my way back from my early morning walk - in the current temperatures the only time of day where walking is a pleasurable experience - I decided to have a closer look at the church. The Église St-Pierre is in the centre of the village, near to the Mairie and Salle des Fêtes.

I particularly wanted to look at the contrast of the stained glass windows, as viewed from the outside and the inside.

I love stained glass for the richness of the colours, the intricate, skilled workmanship and the story that it tells. The church is a very simple, but quite beautiful in it's simplicity and setting.

I wonder how this old chap lost his head?


  1. Hello Gaynor:
    We too much love looking in and around churches and, as you show here, the stained glass is so very pretty and always well worth a look.

  2. Great photos, I love stained glass windows but I struggle to get good photos with the light behind them. There must be a setting somewhere on my camera I guess that would help, but I only know how to use auto LOL. Diane

  3. Lovely stained glass, especially the round window.

  4. Glad you all like the stained glass. My favourite is also the round window as there also seems to be some etching on the glass.

  5. How did he lose his head and hands? Wars of Religion (the Reformation), or more likely, the Revolution. Either way, deliberate desecration.

  6. I have a bit of a passion for stained glass too Gaynor. These are lovely and I agree about the round window. That would look quite good in our house... could you slip it in your handbag?

  7. Susan,
    How sad!
    But I expect even worse things happened to people in those times ....